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"Estadio Metropolitano de Techo"

"Estadio Metropolitano de Techo"

Is the home stadium of Equidad Seguros F.C.The stadium holds 7800 spectators, the opening of this stadium was on 1959 it is located in the Capital of Colombia "Bogota". The nickname of this stadium is "Goles en paz". Estadio Metropolitano de Techo is a multi-use stadium . It is currently used mostly for soccer matches. The owner and operator of this stadium is the IDRD. 
The stadium has been recently remodeled, and before it was constructed there was an airport and a racetrack. It is located at the righ side of the Thematic park "Mundo Aventura", its also near to the mall "Las Americas" it is easy to acces to it because the system of "Transmilenio" is near to it.

The stadium is located at south-west of the city it was constructed near the airport of "techo". In 1994 this stadium was used for the Sudamerican championship sub 23 of soccer. In wich in the final Colombia won beating the nation of Uruguay.

In 2007 after the rise of Equidad Seguros to the first A category of professional soccer in Colombia this stadium become into their home stadium. In other words the home stadium of Equidad is the " Estadio Metropolitano de Techo".

Equidad Seguros has not played the final phases of the national championship on their stadium for motives of safety and capacity of the stadium so they moved to the stadium of "Santa fe and Millonarios" also knowed as "El campin".

I went to see a match last sunday Santa fe the best versus Chico Santa fe who is the actual champion won the game. Here are some images and a video.


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